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Commercial Hand Dryers


EXtremeAir EXT Series

A commercial hand dryer is essentially a wall mounted fan and a heating element enclosed in a fireproof box. The commercial hand dryer is designed to force heated air out of a nozzle onto your hands. A timed burst of heated air evaporates the moisture from your hands. There are numerous designs with various nozzles, fans and heaters, but, all essentially compete with each other to efficiently and quickly dry a restroom patron’s hands through evaporation of moisture rather than absorption of moisture (paper towels). Rubbing your hands together under forced heated air employs pressure, friction and heat to speed up evaporation. Because commercial hand dryers are more environmentally friendly than paper towel dispensers – no trees are cut and not landfill waste is produced – commercial hand dryers are rapidly replacing paper towel dispensers in most modern public restrooms. Additionally, facilities managers and owners like commercial hand dryers because they cost much less over the long haul than paper towels and the lack of paper waste makes for a tidier restroom. When selecting a commercial hand dryer you have many options; including touch free operation , multi-directional nozzles and high speed drying – under 10 seconds for some “jet dry” models.

If you select a commercial hand dryer from a well established manufacturer with a good warranty, you will be well on your way towards providing a tidy maintenance- free restroom for your patrons and will save a lot of money over the long haul.




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