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Commercial Towel Dispensers

  Commercial towel dispensers are offered in over 50 styles. The function does not vary but the style does. You have a basic style choice of either paper towel that are disposable or cloth rolls that must be laundered. Commercial towel dispensers that dispense paper towels are preferred over cloth rolls by most facilities managers and their restroom patrons as well. Paper towel dispensers come in numerous styles but generally your choice of paper is either paper sheets or paper rolls. Paper sheets are usually either C-fold or multi-fold, however most commercial towel dispensers are designed to dispense either. Most paper roll dispensers can be adjusted to cut the paper at specified lengths. Whether you chose paper sheets or paper rolls you will be able to pick and choose from numerous styles and several mountings. To select the best commercial towel dispenser for your restrooms it is a good idea to consider each of the many options. Your restroom patrons will certainly respond positively to a commercial towel dispenser that works efficiently better than one that works poorly but looks stylish. Also, it is important to choose your commercial towel dispenser from a reputable well known manufacturer, like Bradley Corp. - one that offers high quality stainless steel or high impact plastic dispensers with tumble locks and piano hinges. There are some manufacturers that market cheaply made commercial towel dispensers that you will end up replacing. Also, be sure to select a commercial towel dispenser that can be mounted in compliance with the barrier-free requirements of the American With Disabilities Act (ADA). It is important to consider mounting requirements before you select your commercial towel dispenser. Mounting options include recessed, semi-recessed and wall or surface mount. You might also want to select a dispenser that has a built in trash receptacle. Also, consider your restroom patrons. They may prefer a touch-free "automatic sensor" dispenser, especially if your building is a restaurant or a hospital. Commercial towel dispensers are an important part of your restroom environment so you should select this accessory with thoughtfulness. The commercial towel dispensers available via this website have been selected for their time tested quality, proven efficient functionality plus their variety of form and modern style. Invest in a quality built commercial towel dispenser and it will efficiently serve your needs for many years to come.  



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