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Commercial Baby Changing Stations


Commercial Baby Changing Stations are an important addition to any Commercial Bathroom. A baby changing station allows patrons to take care of the needs of their children and in return they may search out the restroom or even leave another place of business just to use your facility. Keeping patrons happy brings in revenue and repeat business. As a young mother or father there is nothing more frustrating than going to a restaurant and having a nice meal then going into the restroom facilities only to find there is not a changing table. This is a make a break issue when dinning with small children. The lack of a baby changing station will keep a young mother or father from coming to your facility and send them elsewhere.

Commercial Baby Changing Station Designs
There are several factors to consider when purchasing a commercial baby changing station. You need to consider the amount of space you have allocated to a baby changing station, will it be surface mounted or recessed mounted? Do you have space for a full size horizontal baby changing station or will you need a vertical baby changing station that extends from the wall and takes up less counter space? Measure your commercial bathroom facility and determine where you want to install the changing station. There are options for just about any commercial bathroom.

Commercial Baby Changing Station Replacement Parts
Commercial Baby Station Replacement Parts add value and extend the life of your baby changing station. Before you purchase your commercial baby changing station research the manufacturer to find out if there are replacement parts available. It is much cheaper to replace a baby changing station strap or shock or even the sticker than it is to replace the entire station. When a manufacturer offers  replacement parts you know that the manufacturer is a reputable company and you can rest assured that you will have access to those parts if you ever need them. Companies like Koala Kare, Bradley, World Dryer and Diaper Depot offer replacement parts that can spruce up your current Commercial Baby Changing Station or you can be confident in the knowledge that the parts are there if you ever need them.





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