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Commercial Grab Bars

  The most important things to consider when selecting commercial grab bars for your facility is the strength of the grab bar, the strength of its mounting and compliance with the requirements for handrails and commercial grab bars found in Section 4.26 of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). You should also check for state and local requirements which may impose additional regulations for commercial grab bars and handrails. A quality commercial grab bar will be made of thick gauge type 304 stainless steel and will have a mounting kit that includes stainless steel screws that are capable of securing the grab bar and supporting weights of at least 300 lbs. The bars must be strong and the mounting must be sturdy or your commercial grab bars will not supply the support your restroom patrons rely on. Also, commercial grab bars should have a finish that is easy to grip and have no sharp edges. We recommend quality constructed stainless steel commercial grab bars made by well established manufacturers such as Bradley Corp. Their grab bars are specifically designed to meet or exceed all ADA, FHA, VA, ANSI and UFA standards. Bradley commercial grab bars are found in commercial restroom facilities throughout the World. Each Bradley commercial grab bar includes the high strength stainless steel bars and the necessary mounting hardware required to provide a secure grab bar for your patrons safety. Remember to follow all commercial grab bar mounting requirements found in the federal ADA regulations and any other state or local regulation in your area.  


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