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Commercial Bathroom Accessories


Tips for Selecting Commercial Bathroom Accessories

Selecting the best commercial bathroom accessories for you building requires pre-planning and thoughtful consideration of form, function and style. Some commercial bathroom accessories are required by the ADA (American with Disabilities Act), state health laws and local health ordinances, these include: devices designed to deliver paper hand towels or forced air for hand drying, liquid or solid soap for hand cleansing, toilet tissues and toilet seat covers, trash receptacles and grab bars. Other “optional” commercial bathroom accessories include: mirrors, baby changing stations, air fresheners, tampon and feminine napkin dispensers, hair dryers et al. You should consider answering at least a few general questions before you endeavor to select your commercial bathroom accessories, such as; What accessories are required by law, what optional accessories do my patrons expect, what is my budget, how much traffic will my restroom have, who are its patrons (restaurant or church) and what style accessories do I want? These are only the general questions you should consider before placing your order for your commercial bathroom accessories. After you have answered the general questions, you will need to make decisions about the specific commercial bathroom accessory, such as; Do I want manual or hands- free (automatic sensor) dispensers, paper towels or forced air hand dryers (wiring available?), toilet tissue dispenser and rolls (sizes?), soap dispensers (liquid or dry soap -automatic or manual pump?), stainless steel or plastic, color, style and do not forget mounting? As you can see - decisions, decisions, and more decisions.

To help you out - we have selected commercial bathroom accessories of the highest quality and in numerous forms, functions and styles made by the world's best manufacturers, which include: Bradley, Bobrick, Jofel, ASI and Better Living Products. Our high quality, durable and stylish selection of commercial bathroom accessories are found in our one-stop-shops for all the commercial bathroom accessories you will need. Answering the questions mentioned above before you place your order will help you design a restroom that is not only functional and will withstand heavy use but is also stylish. We have also added more selection tips on respective web pages to help you make decisions about each specific commercial bathroom accessory. Taking the time to give each commercial bathroom accessory selection careful thought and consideration will assure that your restroom patrons will like what you’ve done for them.



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