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Commercial Restroom Air Fresheners

  Automatic Commercial Air Fresheners
Take the guess work out of having a clean and welcoming commercial restroom environment by using an automatic commercial air freshener. Many commercial air fresheners have multiple setting that allow fragrance to be dispensed at the busiest times of the day. There are many features to a commercial air freshener, some have motion sensors that spray when movement is detected, others can dispense fragrance with each flush of the toilet. Many types of commercial air fresheners include bathroom air fresheners, restroom air fresheners, deodorizers, aerosols, refills and neutralizers.

Vectair  Systems

Vectair Micro Airoma Automatic Fragrance Dispenser
Vectair Micro-Airoma
automatic aerosol air-freshener delivers small bursts of fragrance at specific interval in order to keep your restroom fresh and clean.

Kit comes with:
  • Miro-Airoma Dispenser
  • (2) Micro-Airoma Aerosol Fragrance in Citrus Tingle
  • set of "D" Batteries for operation.

Vectair  Airoma Automatic Fragrance Dispenser
The Airoma patented I.P.E system provides flexible programming options allowing costs to be fixed while matching fragrance delivery and odor control location conditions.

  • Real time programmability
  • Choice of refill size; start and end time; choice of spray frequency
  • Smart chip automatically calculates days in use and refill life.
  • Countdown clock for each spray, confirms operation
  • Patented automatic reset when refill is replaced
  • 10 year guarantee against parts and workmanship.

Vectair AIROMA White

Vectair AIROMA Chrome

Vectair AIROMA Fragrances

Vectair Airoma Fragrances are modern and offer style and impact options to match all preferences. All Vectair Airoma fragrances are complex, long lasting and are available in both 3000 and 9000 spray aerosol refills (suitable for use in most automatic aerosol dispensers, including the Vectair Airoma Automatic Odor Control system). The Airoma I.P.E
system delivers optimum performance and programmable fragrance intensity control.


  • 3000 or 9000 metered sprays per refill
  • Effective in room sized up to 6000ft3/200m3
  • packed in 12 refills per case
  • Two piece professional actuator ensures optimum fragrance dispersal
  • Standards: VOC Compliant in all states

Fragrance Intensity Range

Cool - Think male aftershave with sandalwood and leather with a touch of citrus.

Mystique - A perfume of rich spices and wood notes, powerful yet feminine.

Linen - A fresh fragrance of clean linen.

Citrus Tingle - Bright burst of citrus fruits.

Mango - Fruity, refreshening tropical mango fragrance.

Bouquet - Flowery array of carnations and roses with a hint of musk.

Orchard - a rich fruity fragrance that gives an air of Indian summer.

Cinnamon - A rich, spicy cinnamon aroma with a warm sweet undertone.

Babyface - A powdery fragrance which evokes bouncing babies and peachy skins.

Calm - Clove and Persian spices with a heart of lavender, violets, carnations, ylang ylang and jasmine - woody oriental

Comfort - Soft lavender and white cotton with fragrant orange blossoms, carnations and white lilies.

Sensual - passionate bouquet of orange blossom, black liquorice liquor and fragrant lily with a heart of cedar wood and jasmine.





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