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Commercial Bathroom Mirrors


Selecting a commercial bathroom mirror depends a lot on application and decor. We recommend that you look at the commercial bathroom mirrors offered and select the one that will accommodate your patrons and will compliment your decor. The quality or reflective power of the mirror itself may or may not be a primary concern but the size and mounting should be carefully considered. Commercial bathroom mirrors fall in to two basic categories; framed or frameless glass or stainless steel with a highly reflective finish. Glass mirrors usually provide the best reflections however certain facilities may call for no glass, example; bars, prisons and some mental health care facilities. Selecting the style of commercial bathroom mirror is largely a matter of function and style. The offerings include framed or frameless glass mirrors or steel mirrors with a reflective finish, lighted mirrors, unlighted mirrors, mirrors with single, double or triple cabinets, cabinets with or without locks and mirrors with shelves. The size of the mirror you select should be adequate and must be able to be mounted securely. The commercial bathroom mirrors we recommend are made of high quality roll- formed heavy gauge stainless steel with mitered corners and integral stiffeners. Select a commercial bathroom mirror made of high quality materials and that fits the style and function required for your facility and you will have a commercial bathroom mirror that will serve and please your employees and patrons for many years.




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